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Plate Stackers

PRO Stacker VLF

  • Robust stacker design, ensuring reliable and trouble-free operation
  • Adjustable conveyor and tipper speed to suit all processors and plateline equipment on the market
  • Driven conveyor, to ensure complete removal of the plate prior to stacking
  • Removable trolley with 75-100 plates (0.3 mm plate) capacity and on wheels to allow easy delivery to press
PRO Stacker VLF

Compact Plate Stacker

  • High performance plate stacker, to be used with the fastest CtP devices on the market
  • Uses gravity to move the plates to the magazine with 100 plate capacity
  • A simple, knock-down construction which can be shipped on top of a processor
Compact Plate Stacker

Collating Stackers

This product is discontinued. You can find the manuals in the Downloads tab above.

Collating Stackers
Mid-size PRO stacker

PRO Stackers

  • A traditional belt driven conveyor with a (magnetic) detachable wheeled trolley for ease of plate transport and storage
  • Can follow any processor or plateline equipment on the market, with fine height adjustments to ensure precise alignment with any preceding unit
  • Adjustable belt position and stacking speed to suit various plate sizes and processing speeds
  • Available in 4 sizes: 105/80, 105/140, 135/160 and VLF


PRO Stackers

Plate Stackers (MK III) for Quartz Processors

Plate Stackers (MKIII) for Quartz processors are discontinued products, but have been replaced by the PRO Stackers.

Manuals are available from the "Download" tab above.

Plate Stackers (MK III) for Quartz Processors

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