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All-in-one Systems


The Glunz & Jensen FlexLine is a modular and fully automated flexo platemaking system. FlexLine integrates the flexo plate washout processor with automated movement of the plate into dryers, light finishers and stacker holding slots.

With the Glunz & Jensen FlexLine you have the opportunity to re-think your prepress workflow into a new direction. Based on our previous experience with inline systems, we have developed a completely new approach to automated platemaking.

Flex-In-One 260 W

Compact all-in-one unit for flexographic plates With the Flex-In-One 260 W Glunz & Jensen has entered the global market for water wash flexo equipment. The Flex-In-One allows you to produce water washable flexo plates with NO use of solvent and WITHOUT
VOC emissions.

This compact all-in-one unit is a complete flexo platemaking system comprising exposure, processing, drying and finishing functionality. The wash-out section features the unique FlexTech flat brush system (patent pending), providing extremely
short wash-out times.