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The board of directors

Carsten Knudsen (1961)
Chairman of the Board
Member of the Board of Glunz & Jensen A/S since 2015.
Chairman of G.S.V. Materieludlejning A/S and Board member of Bladt Industries A/S and Lyngsoe Systems A/S.

Michael Hove (1971)
Owner of and managing partner MH Investment ApS
Member of the Board of Glunz & Jensen A/S since 2016
Chairman of Antique 89, SalesPartners A/S and SalesPartners-TM A/S
Board member Lead manager ApS

Flemming N. Enevoldsen (1961)
Chairman in: Port of Esbjerg, Esbjerg Erhvervsudvikling, Suztain A/S, ABL FOOD A/S, Delpro Wind A/S, Head Energy AS, Head Energy Danmark A/S and Ocean Textile Group A/S.
Deputy chairman Jysk Display A/S

Rolf Pfiffner (1969)
CEO Daetwyler Graphics AG &
Board of Management Heliograph Holding

Søren Andersen (1971)*
Board member
Service Technician
Member of the Board of Glunz & Jensen A/S since 2013  


René Normann Christensen (1970)
Chairman of the Board in subsidiaries, associated Glunz & Jensen.

Henrik Blegvad Funk  (1964)
Chairman of the Board in subsidiaries, associated Glunz & Jensen.

* Elected by the employees in 2017



Board of Directors:

The board fee consist of a fixed fee. The level of the fee will be equivalent to the level in comparable companies taking into account the Board members' required competencies, efforts and workload, including the number of meetings. The Board members are also part of a warrant programme.

The employee-elected board members are paid equal amounts as the members elected by the general assembly.

Remuneration to the board members for the current year is approved by the Annual General Meeting at the beginning of the year.

Executive Management:

The Board believes that a combination of fixed and performance-based pay to the Executive Management ensures that the company can attract and retain key personnel. The Executive Management is paid in part through an incentive-based compensation to enhancing motivation, matching the short-term and long-term business goals and ensuring flexible labor costs.

The executive management receives a competitive compensation package which consists of the following elements:

  • Fixed salary
  • Cash bonus
  • Warrant programme
  • Personal benefits, such as company car, free telephone, broadband and newspaper.

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